Personal Health Budget resources

By 2014 people will have a right to request a Personal Health Budget from the NHS. These budgets will be developed and managed in a very similar way to Personal Budgets in Adult Social Care and will (should) coordinate with care budgets.

Roll out of personal Health Budgets falls under the remit of the NHS Commissioning Board and aims to enable people with long term conditions / disabilities to have greater choice, flexibility and control of their health care.

On 15 January One East Midlands attended an introductory session to Personal Health Budgets in Melton Mowbray. The event summarised the benefits that can be gained through personalising budgets for the treatment on long term health conditions and the learning from the pilot areas.

So far the pilots have demonstrated that Personal Health Budgets work best for those with higher level need. Health outcomes as a whole remain roughly the same but participants report much improved mental health and wider wellbeing.

Presentations and links from the session can be downloaded below: