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Communities are at the very heart of all VCS work. The VCS is formed from and works with communities of place and identity in varied ways, tackling issues, providing specialist support and filling in gaps that may not be met by mainstream service providers. This section will keep you up-to-date with policies that affect communties ranging from social inclusion to citizenship and community empowerment.

Know your local economy to..... Access EU funding – Post event page

The Reach & Impact project ran two half day workshops on Tuesday 5 November in Derby, designed to help VCS organisations, funding/support advisers and development workers start to prepare and think about how they may take advantage of opportunities in the EU Structural and Investment Funds 2014-20 programme.

Community Empowerment Network

Community empowerment is what happens when people are able to get involved in and make decisions about their communities. It is central to the government’s vision of enabling local people and communities to manage assets, set budgets, decide on local services, and more.

Voluntary and community groups, local authorities, government departments and the general public all play a part in getting people involved in decisions about the services and activities available in their communities.

Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network launches it’s 5 year strategic plan

The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network is the national umbrella body representing Neighbourhood Watch members across England and Wales. It has just launched a new Strategic Plan outlining its ambitions over the next five years.

Community Ownership and Management of Assets Programme

Land and buildings that you care about in your community, such as your local park, your town hall, local pub or shop can be managed and even owned using these tools for community asset ownership and management.

Just Act website

The Community Development Foundation has launched the Just Act website, which aims to provide and signpost to practical information for people wanting to make a difference and improve their community.

Guide to organising community events

The Cabinet Office has published an interactive guide to organising community events with the aim of increasing the number of in community events over the coming year.

Community Data Toolkit

The Office for Disability Issue has produced a Community Data Toolkit, which aims to provide everything disability groups and other grassroots organisations need to know about how to analyse and interpret data in one place.

Our Place to support 100 communities

Communities Minister Stephen Williams has announced that a consortium led by Locality, will be working with the Department for Communities and Local Government to support at least 100 communities to tackle issues at a neighbourhood level.


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