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Communities are at the very heart of all VCS work. The VCS is formed from and works with communities of place and identity in varied ways, tackling issues, providing specialist support and filling in gaps that may not be met by mainstream service providers. This section will keep you up-to-date with policies that affect communties ranging from social inclusion to citizenship and community empowerment.

Locality Brokers pilot project

The Locality Brokers pilot project is offering two new services for community groups seeking property professionals with a track record of working with the community sector.

University of Nottingham request for community partners

The University of Nottingham is trialling an experiment in 2014 to take a series of lectures and research out of the University and into public venues and events.

Community Life survey

The 2012-13 findings of the Community Life survey show that levels of both formal and informal volunteering have increased on 2010-11,

Queens’ Birthday Honours List 2013

One East Midlands would like to congratulate to all those individuals in the East Midlands who were honoured in the Queens' Birthday Honours List 2013 for their services to their communities and the voluntary sector.

Community Partner network between universities and the community

The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement is working to develop a UK Community Partner Network between universities and the community.

Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning

Locality’s Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning programme is now open for applications.

£9.5million funding and support to create neighbourhood plans

Locality is opening a new programme of support and grants, with £9.5million funding available to help communities create neighbourhood plans, on 1 May.

Free* professional support for community enterprises

Business in the Community, a member of One East Midlands, engages professionals firms to provide free* professional services to community enterprises in their local area through its ProHelp service.

Social Value Act comes into force

The Public Services (Social Value) Act, which requires local authorities and other commissioners of public services to consider how their services can benefit people living in the local community, came into force on 31 January.

Discounted building materials for charities and communities

Recipro, an online exchange for construction surplus and re-usable materials, aims to divert surplus building materials away from the waste streams to charities, community groups and other community projects.


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