East Midlands Inclusion Framework - Summary: Inclusion Matters - From Rhetoric to Reality


East Midlands Inclusion Framework - Summary
Inclusion Matters: From Rhetoric to Reality
One East Midlands - June 2018

This document is a summary of research findings and a longer report developed by One East Midlands to build on previous work of the East Midlands as a leader in social inclusion policy. It is intended to build on the experience, knowledge and perspectives in the region and sector and expressed in several key strategic documents to form a Framework usable by all sectors to work against exclusion and poverty.

The full EMIF document includes fuller discussion of these issues and other aspects, such as Leadership, Commissioning & Investment, and Delivery. It also has much more on data and methodology, case studies and a bibliography.   The full report will be made available shortly.

Thank you to all participants and those involved in producing this summary and the full report.

One East Midlands