Make a Noise about Bullying

The Anti-Bullying Alliance has announced the launch of the official Anti-Bullying Week video at One Direction’s On the Road Again tour in Cardiff.  The video which has been created by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, hosted by the National Children’s Bureau, with support from Barclays, paints a vivid picture of the effects of bullying, and encourages all children and young people to stand up and Make a Noise about bullying, whether it is happening to them or someone else.

Bullying thrives in a culture of silence and fear – and if left unchecked it has significant impact on short and long term mental health into adulthood. This is why the Anti-Bullying Alliance are working in partnership with Young Minds to raise awareness of the links and support all young people to speak out.

Lauren Seager-Smith, National Coordinator of the Anti-Bullying Alliance said: “We need to empower children and young people to Make a Noise about bullying – wherever and whenever it happens. Through Anti-Bullying Week we will give teachers the tools they need to respond quickly and effectively to resolve bullying when it happens, and parents and carers the information they need to support their children with these issues”

Lucie Russell, Director of Campaigns and Media, Young Minds said: “Bullying has a tremendous impact on a young person’s mental health and the effects can last for a long time even when the bullying itself stops. Young people tell us that they want to see long-term support for everyone who is affected by bullying. Too many children are struggling to speak out about bullying and the effects it is having on their lives. YoungMinds is proud to be working with the Anti-Bullying Alliance to help make a noise about bullying in 2015.”  

Kathleen Britain, Head of Community Investment at Barclays said: “Through our dedicated colleagues, Barclays is proud to support Anti-Bullying Week later this year. In collaboration with the Anti-Bullying Alliance we’ve developed this video to help raise awareness of the impact that bullying can have on children’s lives. It’s a major issue affecting thousands of young people across the UK today and we want to help empower them to speak out.”

You can help Make a Noise about bullying by tweeting the official video: #antibullyingweek with @ABAonline @YoungMindsUK @ncbtweets