Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network launches it’s 5 year strategic plan

Neighbourhood Watch is the biggest voluntary movement in the UK, covering 3.8 million households. Neighbourhood Watch coordinators contribute the equivalent of £1 billion a year to preventing crime, and often work closely with Community Safety Partnerships to find effective solutions to crime, anti-social behaviour and environmental issues.

The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (NHWN) is the national umbrella body representing Neighbourhood Watch members across England and Wales. It has just launched a new Strategic Plan outlining its ambitions over the next five years.

Aspirations include making the benefits of joining Neighbourhood Watch clearer and better than ever before and expanding schemes into areas which have previously been difficult to engage. They also plan to explore new ways of bringing virtual and physical communities together, alongside enhancing their online scheme search tool.

Jim Maddan OBE, Chair of the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network, said:

“It gives me great pleasure to launch the new 5 year strategy for the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network. We have come a long way since our first such document in 2010 and we have had to adapt and change along the way. It is an exciting time and we have grasped the opportunities with both hands and we look forward with enthusiasm and vigour to the years ahead.”

Click here to download the new Strategic Plan.

NHWN can be contacted on, 0116 229 3118 or via the website: