New employment data lab pilot

The Department of Work and Pensions has announced its commitment to pilot an Employment data lab. This data lab will allow charities and other organisations to assess the impact of their interventions and programmes for helping people into employment.  The announcement comes 24 months after the successful roll-out of the Justice Data Lab proposed by NPC, described by ministers as a ‘vital’ tool through which charities can ‘demonstrate the value of their work’.

The Justice Data Lab pilot gives organisations working with offendersaccess to central reoffending data. The service provides this information to help organisations to assess the impact of their work on reducing reoffending. It also helps develop a collaborative understanding of effective rehabilitation.

To use the service, complete the ‘data upload template’ with details of the individuals your organisation has worked with, and information about the services provided. The template must be sent by secure email (gsi or CJSM).

If the information in the ‘data upload template’ meets the minimum criteria, the Justice Data Lab will provide an analysis which assesses the impact of that programme against various reoffending measures (including the 1 year proven reoffending rate and the frequency of reoffending over the 1 year). The results will be returned in a clear and easy to understand format, with explanations of the key metrics, and any caveats and limitations needed to interpret the results.

See all results published so far at: Justice Data Lab pilot statistics reports