Mainstream Partnership East Midlands BME Arts Heritage Project

As part of Mainstream Partnership’s legacy they have created an archive of their BME and culturally diverse members work and achievements collected over nine years.

Mainsteam Partnership aim in 2016 to celebrate the East Midlands BME arts heritage and make sustainable, the contribution of BME and culturally diverse artists to the region. They aim to create new heritage materials as part of a new regional BME arts project in addition to showcasing exhibiting material from their own archive.

Mainstream Partnership would love people to join them in helping to sustain BME and culturally diverse artists and organisations within the East Midlands by participating in the survey below, which should take approximately five minutes to complete.

  • Do you think there is a need and would support Mainstream Partnership, a leading culturally diverse BME led Arts organisation in the East Midlands to deliver an East Midlands BME Arts Heritage Project?
  • Do you agree for Mainstream Partnership to access its own 10 year East Midlands BME Arts Members Archive as well as capture Oral History and other heritage materials & information to create a legacy of BME Arts Heritage in the East Midlands?
  • Do you agree it is crucial to capture the contributions and legacy of BME Arts to the East Midlands before it is lost as BME Artists retire pass away etc and BME led arts Heritage Organisations and Groups close down?
  • Do you agree there is a need for Mainstream Partnership to map and signpost information as to the location of BME Arts Heritage that is kept by various mainstream stakeholder organisations in the East Midlands in order make this more widely accessible to the public?
  • Do you think that Mainstream Partnership as the lead BME led arts organisation supporting BME artists over 10 years in the East Midlands with relevant partners is the best placed organisation to lead an East Midlands BME Arts Heritage project? 
  • If you are interested in supporting this project and wish to contribute in some way please indicate if you are willing to write a letter of support or be a partner or offer in kind support or in other ways e.g. contact archive material host events etc.

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