Together in Service Spotlight Awards

On Wednesday 19 November at FaithAction’s Too Significant to Ignore national conference in Westminster, Together in Service presented their Together in Service Spotlight Awards to eight projects, including East Midlands social enterprise Communities Inc.

The projects best exemplified the objectives of Together in Service, those that make unparalleled contributions to their communities by bringing together people of different faiths in social action.

The awards were presented by Stephen Williams MP, Under Secretary of State to the Department of Communities and Local Government, who fund Together in Service.

  • Basti Ram - Working in both the UK and India, Basti Ram encourages self-development and the broadening of horizons. As a Together in Service project, they will be holding a Hindi-style Festival of Colour to bring together people from across their community. For further information visit
  • Birinus - A collaboration between the Muslim and Catholic communities, Birinus works to support the health and wellbeing of the elderly of Birmingham. As a Together in Service project, Birinus held a networking event, to show the benefit of working with faith communities and to strengthen ties with care providers and agencies. For further information visit
  • Buddhist Healthcare Chaplaincy Group - Working with other chaplain groups, the Buddhist Healthcare Chaplaincy Group supports Buddhist chaplains in hospitals, providing spiritual guidance to people of all faiths.
  • Communities Inc. - Communities Inc. is a social enterprise working for the disadvantage and disenfranchised in Nottinghamshire. As a Together in Service project, they are providing guidance and training to faith groups to help support victims of hate crimes. For further information visit
  • Engaged Buddhist Kula - Manchester’s Engaged Buddhist Kula runs a variety of events across the city from helping set up food banks to film nights and community clean up days, applying Buddhist teachings to social action.
  • Liverpool Community Spirit - Liverpool Community Spirit provide community events in Merseyside, from youth engagement to adult learning. As a Together in Service project, the Taste of Life course provides vulnerable adults with the chance to experience and learn from different faiths and cultures. For further information visit
  • René Cassin - Based on Jewish values, René Cassin is involved in a wide range of human rights issues. As a Together in Service project, they have been working to combat the widespread discrimination against Gypsies, Travellers and Roma. For further information visit
  • Springfield Project - The Springfield Project provides a range of services to support families with young children in Birmingham. As a Together in Service project, they ran a Creative Families Festival, bringing together families from across the community to partake in various cultural and creative activities. For further information visit