NCVO election manifesto

NCVO has launched its general election manifesto, which warns that not all charities will be able to pay their staff a living wage until public sector commissioners take this into consideration when awarding contracts.

NCVO state that charities wanting to pay the living wage are unable to do so because competitive tendering for public service contracts is driving wages down, particularly in fields such as social care.

Citing the Living Wage Commission’s finding that the Treasury could save between £3.6billion and £6billion per year if everyone was paid the living wage, NCVO state that ensuring that commissioners understand the social and economic benefits of paying a living wage would make a real difference.

It recommends that spending settlements for local government and public bodies should reflect the costs of paying the living wage, recognising that this will reduce expenditure elsewhere on tax credits and benefits.

The manifesto also warns that the short-term approach to spending is failing communities and that the next government should prioritise preventative spending to address social problems and save money in the longer term.

Other recommendations for the next government include:

  • Creating a Centre for Social Value to support commissioners and charities implementing the Social Value Act;
  • Simplifying the under-used gift aid small donations scheme so that it is open to all charities registered to receive gift aid;
  • Establish a Paralympic legacy fund to help people with disabilities to volunteer; and
  • Continue match-funding incentives for philanthropy through community foundations.

For further information and to download the manifesto visit