Inquiry into senior executive pay

NCVO has published the report of its inquiry into senior executive pay, which they established in 2013.

The inquiry panel heard the views of hundreds of people with an interest in sector pay, and also examined new data on high pay in the sector, gathered by NCVO as part of its latest work on the UK Civil Society Almanac.

Within the report NCVO have made a number of recommendations, which they believe will protect public trust in the charity sector. These recommendations include that:

  • Charities with an income of over £500,000 publish the total remuneration, names and titles of senior executives;
  • They also publish an summary of the rationale of their trustees in arriving at decisions on senior pay
  • They publish this in an easily accessible place on their website, ideally no more than two ‘clicks’ from their homepage; and
  • That these larger charities also adopt clear pay policies.

While NCVO place extra importance on these recommendations for larger charities as £500,000 is the threshold above which a charity’s accounts must be independently audited, they hope that smaller charities will also give consideration to whether they may be able to follow them too.

To download the full report of the inquiry visit