Commission to launch new register of charities

The Charity Commission will publish a new online register by the end of May, which will display more information about charities.

The new register will have a more flexible and detailed search function, and will allow researchers to gather more detailed information about individual charities.

Information which will be available on the register in the future will include information collected in the annual return or currently held by the Commission. This is likely to include information on whether a charity:

  • Claims gift aid;
  • Is insolvent, in administration, or subject to enforcement action;
  • Is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board;
  • Raises funds from the public;
  • Has a trading subsidiary;
  • Pays trustees;
  • Makes grants;
  • Is regulated by or registered with other regulatory bodies; and
  • Has policies for areas including executive pay, complaints, and vulnerable beneficiaries.