Understanding the UK third sector

The Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC) has published its final report, entitled Understanding the UK third sector, which summarises its research activities and the impact they have made between 2008 and 2013.

With the backing and support of the Economic Social Research Council, the Barrow Cadbury Trust, and the Office for Civil Society TSRC has made progress in developing a robust and independent research resource for those working in, for and with the third sector.

Included in the report, and accessible from their website, are lists of all their publications and summaries of their extensive knowledge exchange and impact activities including the Knowledge Portal, and the Futures Dialogue.

In 2008 TSRC set out to improve the quality of the evidence base on the VCS and worked collaboratively with a range of stakeholders to do this. The impact of their work has been acknowledged by third sector organisations, government departments and charitable foundations. The work of the centre will now be consolidated at the University of Birmingham.

For further information on TSRC and to download the report visit www.birmingham.ac.uk/generic/tsrc/publications/final-report.aspx?dm_i=A1N,27QME,5J5WNP,80L4M,1.