Contribution through volunteering

Contribution Through Volunteering is a new programme to build community capacity.

The programme builds upon CSV's supported volunteering model with people with learning disabilities in Eastern England and national charity In Control's work on person-centred support plans in the self-directed support process, pairing volunteers needing different levels of support for mentoring and mutual assistance.

The approach, which is inclusive and applicable to all, irrespective of age, impairment or circumstances, takes forward the principles set out in the Think Local Act Personal publication, Volunteering: Unlocking the real wealth of people and communities, which called for the continued development of social action in local communities to help people make the connections that improve their health and wellbeing and enable them to have maximum choise and control over their lives.

CSV will be running three regional workshops with In Control, to promote and develop this approach with health and social care commissioners, as a means of supporting the continued personalisation and of health and care.

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The workshops are being run as part of a contribution to the DH/NHSE/PHE Health and Care Voluntary Sector Strategic Partners Programme for 2013/14.

To download the Think Local Act Personal publication visit