Other useful e-bulletins and resources

Issue 60, December 2012 / January 2013, of NCVYS Nectar news is available to download at www.ncvys.org.uk/UserFiles/NCVYSNectar_December2012.pdf.

NCVYS has also published the January issue of its monthly funding update, which can be downloaded at www.ncvys.org.uk/UserFiles/Funding_January13.pdf.

In addition, NCVYS has produced a fact sheet on how to find a training courses related to working with young people, which can be downloaded at www.ncvys.org.uk/UserFiles/Training/How_to_find_a_training_course_FINAL.pdf.

Social Enterprise UK has published Social investment: an overview of the landscape for VCSEs in the youth sector, a briefing designed to provide an introduction to the social investment landscape for youth sector VCSEs, providing an overview of how the social investment market is driven, why it's affecting more and more organisations and the challenges that the sector faces in engaging with social finance. To download the briefing visit http://tiny.cc/SocInvYouth.

The British Youth Council has launched youthpolicy.org/participation, the new global hub for youth policy research, discussion and ideas. For further information visit www.youthpolicy.org/participation.

The Big Lottery Fund has published an Interim Evaluation Report on myplace centres, looking at the impact of the programme and presents evidence that the programme has delivered very high quality youth facilities. For further information visit www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/research/children-and-young-people/-/media/Files/Research%20Documents/myplace_interim_summary.ashx.