European Funding 2014-2020 Roadshow

This event, which took place in Leicester on the 22 November, consulted on the way in which EU Structural Funds, Rural Development Fund and Fisheries Fund operate in 2014. There was an opportunity to re-look at how the Funds are delivered and how we can more effectively exploit this source of funding to support sustainable jobs and growth in England.

In April 2012 the government undertook an informal consultation on how the funds should be delivered to best support sustainable growth and jobs. The key messages from stakeholders were support for:

  • Flexible funding programme boundaries allowing for place based and thematic programmes as necessary and including local engagement
  • Integrating and or aligning the funds.
  • Better use of local and national match funding
  • Reducing the administrative burden on beneficiaries and project developers

Over the last few months the Government has been working through what this could look like in practice. This event brought together senior representatives from One East Midlands, DCLG, DWP, DEFRA and BIS to engage with a broad range of stakeholders in setting out this thinking.

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One East Midlands urges you to take part in this consultation. If you would like to feed back your comments on the content of the event’s presentation delivered by BIS, available at to download here, email