Talent Match - Commissioning arrangements 141112

In anticipation of a positive response to ‘Young & Successful’, Groundwork Greater Nottingham, as a lead partner,  would like to advise you about the process between now and July 2013, when hopefully, the delivery of the programme will start.

The programme development plan found here shows that they plan to start the commissioning process immediately.  The first stage is to complete the attached Delivery Partner Questionnaire. The questionnaire is a requirement for all organisations interested in the delivery of services in order to fulfil due diligence obligations.  It does not apply to non-delivery partners.

As you will see, the questionnaire asks for information about organisation's capacity, financial viability and generally will be used to decide if the organisation is suitable to be included in the commissioning framework and as such invited to tender for services later in the process.

However, we recognise that for some smaller organisations some parts of the questionnaire may be difficult to complete.  The intention is to ensure the process is accessible to delivery partners of all sizes.  We therefore request that if you are struggling to complete any section please complete as fully as possible and highlight in red, or using xxx’s, sections which are problematic (and ideally stating why).  A partly completed form is much better than no form at all and we will use your feedback to improve the system over the duration of the project.