Social enterprise - Wheels2Work Lincolnshire - Affordable Scooter Hire

Wheels2Work Lincolnshire is an affordable scooter hire scheme which gives people the freedom to travel wherever and whenever they want; at a time that suits them.

Not having access to their own transport could prevent someone from:

  • Getting the job they want, because it's too hard to get to
  • Doing extra shifts at work to earn more money
  • Getting to a training course which would help further their career
  • Getting to an apprenticeship so they can earn while they learn
  • Going to college to get the qualification they need to get the job they want.

With scooter hire from only £25-£35 per week, all of these problems could be solved and the individual can have the freedom to spend more time doing the things they do.

All servicing and repairs are included in the weekly cost and we also provide Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) for only £120, so that the riders (and we) are confident that they can handle all situations they may come across whilst riding on the roads. We also offer ongoing support and help. All safety equipment can also be supplied at subsidised prices.

Not only are scooters available to hire, a rider can work towards owning their own scooter too!

A person qualified for scooter hire with Wheels2Work Lincolnshire if all of the above statements apply to them:

  1. They live in Lincolnshire
  2. They are 16 or over with their own full or provisional driving licence (paper and photo card)
  3. They have a job/have been offered a job or are in, or have been offered a place in, education or training
  4. It is too far to walk to their job, college or apprenticeship
  5. They have their own bank account
  6. They have £120 for CBT
  7. They can afford a weekly payment of between £25-£35.

If you are interested in finding out more, please visit our website or get in touch with the Wheels2Work Lincolnshire team on 01507 526778 during office hours.

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Wheels2Work Lincolnshire is run by Access You Future Ltd, a social enterprise working in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council and Build-a-Future Ltd Training Centre.