Understanding EU Funding, LEPs and looking at the potential to collaborate – Post events page

One East Midlands Reach & Impact project, in partnership with High Peak CVS on Tuesday 18 March in Buxton and in partnership with Links CVS and Bolsover CVP on Wednesday 19 March, ran workshops to help third sector organisations, funding advisers and development workers understand and prepare for the funding opportunities in the next EU Structural and Investment Funds 2014-20 programme.

The morning sessions provided a basic introduction and clear overview of the role of LEPs (local economic partnerships) and the structure of the next EU Structural Funds programme. 

The sessions enabled delegates to:

  • Understand the basics of EU Structural Funding, focusing on European Regional Development Funding;
  • Understand the future role of LEPs’ in EU Structural Funding;
  • Understand what the 2014-20 EU Structural Funds programme will look at;
  • Understand and plan for opportunities that exist for VCS organisations in the next programme; and
  • Understand LEP priorities and how the VCS could have a role in meeting some of those priorities.

This afternoon sessions looked at the steps involved in developing models of consortia that could be funded by the EU programme and highlight from the LEP EU investment strategy, where the areas of potential collaboration might be. They included the opportunity to discuss/pitch potential project ideas, network and start to build links with potential partners.

The sessions enabled delegates to:

  • Understand the different collaborative models that could be developed;
  • Understand the key success factors of developing a consortium;
  • Share experiences of collaborative working;
  • Look at potential areas of collaboration that could be funded under the next EU structural & Investment Funds programme; and
  • Highlight some areas for collaboration from their local LEPs’ investment strategy.

Presentations from the workshops can be downloaded below:

Delegates at the workshops were able to express an interest in the LEP priority areas they were interested in working in partnership with other organisations to develop collaborative projects.

Details of these areas and those interested in working in partnership, by LEP, can be accessed below.

For further information on all in LEPs in the East Midlands, including their contact details, strategies and other useful links and resources, visit www.oneeastmidlands.org.uk/leps.