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The VCS offer a range of services to children, young people and families (CYP&F). This section brings together news, best practice and resources on this CYP&F.

Local authority arrangements for youth provision

The National Youth Agency (NYA) has published a briefing providing a snapshot of local authorities' arrangements for open access, targeted and specialist youth provision. 

Youth Contract findings

The Department for Work and Pensions has published The Youth Contract: Findings from research with Jobcentre Plus staff in five case study districts. 

School Nurse Champions

The Department for Health has announced that 300 young carers are to be trained as school nurse champions, helping to train the 1,200 school nurses across England in how to provide the best support for young carers. 

Implications for young carers of care reforms

The Joint Committee on the draft Care and Support Bill has published a report on the Bill stating that the Government has not fully thought through the implications of its social care reforms and may leave local authorities open to a deluge of disputes and legal challenge. 

Young people and health decision-making

The Office of the Children's Commissioner has published We Would Like to Make a Change: Children and young people's participation in strategic health decision-making, which states that health bodies needed to do more to involve children and young people in strategic decision-making. 

Press Code

A coalition of 105 youth groups has submitted a recommendation to the Editors’ Code of Practice Committee to include ‘age’ into the press code of conduct rules on discrimination. 

Police and Crime Commissioners

NCVYS has published the first examples of how Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are engaging with young people. 

Online campaigning

Nearly a third of young people believe online campaigning is more effective than street protests, a survey by youth volunteering charity vInspired has found. 

Growing Giving inquiry

The Charities Aid Foundation has launched anew inquiry looking at the ways young people interact with charity, as part of which NCVYS is working with them to look at increasing opportunities for young people to get involved with charities and volunteering. 

Youth group engagement with businesses

The National Youth Agency has published a report on the results of a pilot project testing where the business community could be engaged, through an intermediary, in delivering support to voluntary youth groups.  


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