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The VCS offer a range of services to children, young people and families (CYP&F). This section brings together news, best practice and resources on this CYP&F.

Other youth related news and resources

The UK Youth Parliament sat on Friday 15 November in the House of Commons to take part in five debates on topics which were voted for by 478,386 young people across the UK.

Other opportunities for voluntary youth sector organisations

NCVO are looking for children’s charities who want to showcase their work. They are looking for examples of innovation that has improved outcomes.

Research tender: How do children and young people with disability experience arts and couture?

EMBridge The Mighty Creatives is committed to helping more children access more great art and culture more of the time, so that they are able to develop their own cultural lives and capabilities and shape art and culture in their communities.

Analysis of Young People Friendly Neighbourhoods

Analysis of areas piloting the Young People Friendly Neighbourhoods programme has concluded that youth work services are most effective when they are designed and commissioned by young people themselves.

Online safety survey

A new survey, commissioned by legal experts Slater and Gordon and the Anti-Bullying Alliance, has revealed that 55.2 percent of children and young people in England accept cyber-bullying as part of everyday life.

Young people, violence, abuse and exploitation

A study by the crime prevention charity Catch22 has found that Health and wellbeing boards in 33 areas particularly affected by youth and gang violence have no strategy in place to tackle the health problems which contribute to the issue.

Youth custody and young offenders

The Ministry of Justice has published the latest monthly statistics on the population in custody of children and young people within secure children's homes, secure training centres and young offender institutions.

Young people and health

The Department of Health has published the NHS mandate for 2014-15, which has set priorities for improving young people's mental health services, safeguarding arrangements and outcomes for children with disabilities and long-term conditions.

Young people and education

The Youth Select Committee has published its report on the Curriculum and Young People, which calls for the government to publish a long term strategy for the promotion of PSHE education.

Impact of youth unemployment

The Prince's Trust has published The Impact of Long-Term Youth Unemployment, highlighting the increase in the number of young people facing long-term unemployment in the UK.


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