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The Compact is an agreement between government and the VCS. It sets out shared commitments and guidelines for effective partnership working between government and the VCS. The original Compact was agreed in November 1998. In this section, you can find out more about the Compact and national, regional and local links.

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CAA Briefing

Findings of 2012 Compact survey published

Compact Voice has published the findings of its 2012 annual survey of local Compact groups, which was responded to by over 75% of local Compacts in England, who provided information about how their local partnership agreement was working.

Online map of local Compacts

Compact Voice has published details of every local Compact in England via an online map, including the nine Compacts in the East Midlands. To access the map, which includes the individual website addresses of each Compact and the VCS, and in most cases the local authority, contact visit

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