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Volunteering activity is the bedrock of the VCS and this is a time for dramatic change for volunteering as it is given a more prominent role in the Big Society agenda.

The Citizenship Survey shows that 41% of the UK population volunteer formally once a year. It is estimated that an even larger number of people volunteer informally, by giving unpaid help to people who are not relatives (outside any formal setting).

Based on a survey of volunteering across the East Midlands carried out in September 2010, around 15,000 people have been supported into formal volunteering roles in the last year with more than 20,000 volunteering opportunities still available.

One East Midlands supports the England Volunteering Council (EVDC) in the region, which aims to capture the intelligence of a broad range of organisations in the region and act as a powerful lobby to steer government policy.

Volunteering worth £34billion a year

Volunteering is worth £34billion a year in support of public services in the UK, new research by the innovation charity Nesta estimates.

Funding for health volunteers

The Cabinet Office has announced the recipients of funding from two projects working with health volunteers, including two charities and a hospital in the East Midlands.

Employer sponsored volunteering

A large scale project on employer sponsored volunteering has demonstrated that voluntary work can benefit both businesses and the local community.

The political and social landscape for volunteering

Charities that want to recruit volunteers should respond to enquiries about volunteering within 24 hours and focus on what the volunteer wants, rather than just on what the organisation requires, according to a report from the sector consultancy nfpSynergy.

ASDA Active Sports Leaders

The Institute of Volunteering Research have been commissioned to join the ASDA Active Sports Leaders partnership in a three year evaluation role jointly funded by the Spirit of 2012 Trust and ASDA.

Unite Guide: Good Practice in Volunteering guide

Unite has re-launched its good practice for volunteering guide in partnership with the UK Volunteering Forum.

Asset Transfer and Volunteering

The Institute of Volunteering Research asset transfer volunteering research, commissioned by Heritage Lottery Fund, looked at volunteer-led groups who have taken on responsibility for the management and running of a heritage-based facility or property.

Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit

The Institute of Volunteering Research will be publishing a new edition of the Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit this autumn.

The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award given to volunteer groups across the UK, is open for nominations for 2015, following 115 volunteering groups receiving the award on 2 June this year.


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