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Volunteering activity is the bedrock of the VCS and this is a time for dramatic change for volunteering as it is given a more prominent role in the Big Society agenda.

The Citizenship Survey shows that 41% of the UK population volunteer formally once a year. It is estimated that an even larger number of people volunteer informally, by giving unpaid help to people who are not relatives (outside any formal setting).

Based on a survey of volunteering across the East Midlands carried out in September 2010, around 15,000 people have been supported into formal volunteering roles in the last year with more than 20,000 volunteering opportunities still available.

One East Midlands supports the England Volunteering Council (EVDC) in the region, which aims to capture the intelligence of a broad range of organisations in the region and act as a powerful lobby to steer government policy.

Integrated Personal Commissioning: Realising Person Centred Care Through Volunteering

This joint CSV/ECROYS/In Control learning event in Cambridge on Wednesday 10 December will explore how volunteers and volunteer involving organisations can contribute to and help deliver integrated, person centred care.

Two thirds of volunteer managers want a more powerful representative body

More than two thirds of volunteer managers believe they need a more powerful representative body, according to a new report from the research consultancy nfpSynergy.

Volunteers now expect more from volunteering experience

Volunteers now expect more from their experience and charities must do more to recruit and retain them, according to a report published by nfpSynergy.

The impact of commissioning and contracting on volunteers and volunteering

The expansion of contracted voluntary sector delivery of public services has reduced volunteer involvement in charitable provision and limited the tasks that volunteers carry out to the routine and mundane, a new report claims.

Together in Service

The final round is approaching of Together in Service, celebrating the practical contribution that faith communities make to society through social action and support faith groups in undertaking new multi-faith volunteering projects at local level.

Social Action End of Life Support Programme 2014/15

The Cabinet Office Centre for Social Action and Hospice UK are launching a fund of up to £1million to support existing projects using volunteers in end of life care.

The more you give the more you glow

People who give time to charity will "glow with happiness" for an average of 24 days afterwards, according to a study by the charity Guide Dogs.

Volunteering and older people

Traditional volunteer tasks such as envelope-stuffing might be paid for in future, as skilled volunteers demand more challenging activities in their retirement, according to research from the Commission on the Voluntary Sector and Ageing.

Volunteering at ten-year high

Volunteering is at a ten-year high with 26 percent of people carrying out some volunteering in the last three months, and more men are volunteering than women, according to new research by nfpSynergy.


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