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One East Midlands’ Reach & Impact project is an ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and BIG Lottery funded project delivering a range of support activities for funding advisers to increase their knowledge and understanding of ERDF funding so that they are better able to advise third sector organisations. The project is primarily focused on increasing awareness and encouraging third sector organisations across the East Midlands, to engage in the ERDF programme and to ensure they have the right information to access this stream of European Funding. 

Our primary objectives focus on:

  • Increasing awareness;
  • Increasing voluntary and community sector (VCS) engagement;
  • Unlocking potential match funding;
  • Supporting the development of local collaborative approaches; and
  • Improving impact and learning in targeted communities.

The project delivers a range of support activities including:

  • Case studies and publicity to increase awareness and understanding of practical applications of ERDF;
  • Focused events and for VCS organisations to increase engagement;
  • Develop tools and resources for funding advisors to build capacity to advise on ERDF funding;
  • Identifying new potential sources of match with traditional VCS funders;
  • Support East Midlands Councils in the role of developing learning, and capacity within targeted communities by supporting collaborative local partnerships with VCS organisations and supporting peer learning between targeted communities.

For further information contact Chris Hill, Project Manager, at or on 0115 934 8436.

To read an introduction to ERDF visit

To find out more about how ERDF funding will be delivered and managed in the 2014-20 EU Structural and Investment Funds programme visit


Below you will find links to useful information related to ERDF funding and One East Midlands Reach & Impact project. To access the resources click on the buttons.

To access resources related to applying for ERDF funding click hereTo access a jargon buster of ERDF related terms click hereTo access written and video case studies of voluntary and community organisations in the East Midlands who have ERDF funded projects click hereTo access resources relating to project management click hereTo access resources related to financial management click hereTo access resources relating to collaboration click hereTo access resources relating to local enterprise partnerships click here


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Reach & Impact blog

The Reach & Impact project has its own blog, with posts going to regularly written by members of the Reach & Impact team, at If you would like to submit a guest post email

2014-20 Timetable

The timetable below, taken from Her Majesty’s Government, for the 2014-20 European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) programme was updated in June 2015.

September 2014

  • New 2014-20 ESIF section of website to go live with content on business process, policy papers, governance and online handbook.

From September 2014

  • Managing Authority (MA) works with partners to develop Community Led Local Development (CLLD) proposals.

October 2014

  • UK Partnership Agreement signed off.
  • European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) Operational Programmes originally expected to be adopted.
  • ESF & EAFRD Implementation Plan content originally expected to be agreed by Her Majesty’s Government (HMG).
  • Information to local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) and partners on application process, including outline and full application forms, application guidance and appraisal guidance.

October/November/December 2014

  • Designation of the formal Programme Monitoring Committees (PMC) for the ESIF in the Growth Programme. After designation the PMCs will formally approve, depending on the fund.

December 2014

  • ERDF Programme originally expected to be adopted.
  • ERDF Implementation Plan content originally expected to be agreed by HMG.

January 2015

  • Final feedback from Government, following Growth Programme Board (GPB) discussion, on any last revisions to LEP ESIF strategies required as a result of negotiations on the Operational Programme.
  • LEP strategies originally expected to be agreed.
  • MA originally expected to prepare first call.
  • Calls originally expected to open for operations as specified, for first wave of CLLD activity and for first wave of opt-in activity.

February 2015

  • Information to LEPs, partners and potential applicants on contract management processes, including project initiation visit, monitoring and verification procedures including claim checks and on-the-spot visits, irregularities reporting and the on-line handbook.
  • The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) Operational Programme officially adopted by the European Commission and can be found here.

Spring 2015

  • MA release Early ERDF and Technical Assistance Calls in March 2015, details available here.
  • Structural Funds IT system goes live.
  • To support first funding calls a series of documents, guidance and forms released on the GOV.UK website here.
  • The Operational Programmes (OP) for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and European Social Fund (ESF) due to be officially adopted by the European Commission and published on the GOV.UK website.
  • The ERDF Local Management Committee continues to oversee the delivery and appropriate winding down of the 2007-2013 programme.
  • Local ESI Fund Committees due to:
    • Agree final Implementation Plan
    • Considers MA Funding Agreement with Opt-In Organisations
  • ERDF Implementation Plan content agreed by HMG
  • Final feedback from Government (following GPB discussion) on any last revisions to LEP ESI Fund Strategies required as a result of negotiations on the Operational Programme. LEP Strategies agreed
  • Opt-ins finalise specifications with local partners and prepare first calls

Summer 2015

  • Big Lottery Fund Launch. Open calls.
  • Successful Early Call applicants invited to submit full applications, with a view to starting activity from September, or later depending on the project.
  • The next funding calls are due to be announced. All funding calls to be viewed here.
  • DCLG looking to make improvements to the current ESIF website pages, to make it easier to find the information partners need and responding to feedback received from partners on the current content.

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