Talent Match

One East Midlands are pleased to announce their new role as secretariat and partnership development support to the Big Lottery funded ‘Talent Match’ programme for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Talent Match is Big Lottery’s first strategic fund focusing on the skills and employment issues faced by young people.

The role of One EM will be:

  • Coordinating local meetings, invites and papers
  • Coordinating activities such as identifying and analysing data and evidence of local hotspots, which will be shared with partners to help you plan your collective project
  • Working closely with local stakeholders to help grow the partnership by acting as a public point of contact on Big Lottery Fund’s website
  • Providing administrative support whilst the partnership writes its project prospectus
  • Involving young people in the work of the partnership
  • Ensuring that all organisations and people who could have meaningful involvement can be present and engaged

Talent Match funding will invest up to £10million across the East Midlands with an indicative £6.5m focused on the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire programme. More information about Talent Match can be found at www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/prog_talent_match.

One East Midlands will be working with Big Lottery and interested partners over the next month to develop a programme of activities that will ensure the gathering of evidence, involvement of all relevant organisations and the embedding of the needs of young people in the programme. Dates and venues for the first round of early meetings will be launched in the first week of September.

We are committed to ensuring that the programme develops without bias; drawing together the existing provision available locally and focusing the funding on identified unmet needs in order to achieve maximum impact for this investment.

Timescales for shaping the programme require a draft prospectus defining the broad approach to be submitted by November 2012 with a full delivery prospectus developed by March 2013.

If you would like to receive information about Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Talent Match direct or would like to participate in the planning partnership then please register your interest via talentmatch@one-em.org.uk.

Details of those providing secretariat and partnership development support to the Big Lottery funded Talent Match programme in other areas of the East Midlands can be found below:

One East Midlands has been circulating regular updates with all the latest Talent Match news to those on its Talent Match mailing list. Archive issues of these updates can be downloaded below. To sign up to the mailing list email talentmatch@one-em.org.uk.

The following resources might also be of interest to those involved, or who would be interested in getting involved, in the Talent Match programme: