East Midlands Youth Alliance launched

In response to the crisis of youth unemployment Derbyshire Learning & Development Consortium has brought together organisations that work with young people to create the East Midlands Youth Alliance (EMYA), co-led by One East Midlands.

On 11 July the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published its report on unemployment rates in developed countries which stated that unemployment looks set to rise into 2013. This followed a series of research into the state of the economy and its impact on unemployment. Youth unemployment in the East Midlands currently stands at 6.2% and rising against a national average of 5.9% and forming 30% of all unemployed people in the region.

EMYA seeks to raise the profile of young people and link together providers and support organisations from the VCS, public and private sector to ensure young people are able to maintain their aspirations, increase potential and find employment in times that threaten to be very difficult for young people.

EMYA is lead by One East Midlands, Derbyshire Learning & Development Consortium, East Midlands Further Education Colleges, East Midlands Voluntary Youth and Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Training Networks (representing EM Plus, the network of training providers).

These learning and development organisations from across the East Midlands consider it essential that to work together to increase the opportunities they can offer to young people and ensure the next generation has a chance of a positive future.

For further information on the network and to offer support to it email clairechapman@one-em.org.uk.