East Midlands Inclusion Framework - Inclusion Matters: From Rhetoric to Reality

This document has been developed by One East Midlands to build on the previous work of the East Midlands as a leader in social inclusion policy. It builds on the experience, knowledge and perspectives in the region and the third sector as expressed in several key strategic documents to form a Framework usable by all sectors to work against exclusion and poverty.
We know ‘inclusion’ isn’t working. For many people, groups and communities inclusion remains rhetoric and an aspiration rather than a reality. That is the only conclusion that can be reached from the research undertaken to inform this document – a new East Midlands Inclusion Framework. It might be unusual to start with the conclusion but this is the inescapable reality that our Framework seeks to address.
The document aims to serve as a working/practical focused document that will make a difference at strategic, operational, community and individual levels, seeking to:
− Act as a tool to support and influence the work of policymakers and commissioners to add value to the development of policy and procurement systems, and
− Support One EM member organisations to:
o hold one another and themselves to account against the framework
o self-assess their own practice against the framework
o use the framework to help develop their own policy and practice
Follow this link to the full report:  East Midlands Inclusion Framework: From Rhetoric to Reality
A summary of the report can be found here: East Midlands Inclusion Framework summary