Letter from Head of ESF to LEP area ESI Funds sub-committee members 19/12/17


Dr Catherine Blair, Head of ESF for Department for Work and Pensions, has written to all LEP ESIF sub-committee members with an update on ESF progress to date and updating on priorities for 2018.

Key points include:

  • 47% of the total ESF programme is now committed.
  • Improvements to the online project reporting and e:claims system are due in early part of 2018.
  • ESFA co-financing is likely to be extended until April 2019; ESIF Sub-Committees are encouraged to make contact with ESFA if they have not already done so.
  • A rolling programme of future call development will begin from February 2018 with priority given to those LEPs with low current commitment.
  • Likely potential to extend, review and revise YEI use in eligible areas beyond existing contracts; including the potential for additional future calls.