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With the closure of The Voluntary Sector Strategic Partner Programme (SPP) we are taking a break while we wait to hear if Regional Voices has been successful in securing funding as part of the new VCSE Health and Wellbeing Programme called the VCSE Health and Wellbeing Alliance. 

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VCSE Health and Wellbeing Programme

Background: The Department of Health has a long history of supporting charities, community, and voluntary organisations, and volunteering, through grant funding.

Established in 2008, the Voluntary Sector Investment Programme was a cross-cutting, competed VCSE grants programme, focussed on allowing organisations to realise their potential, build capacity and capability, develop services and provide innovative solutions that could be rolled out.

It was initially developed for the Department of Health to work in partnership with the sector, with NHS England and Public Health England (the system partners) joining the programme following the health reforms in 2013. There were three main funding schemes within the programme:

  • The Strategic Partner Programme
  • The Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund (IESD)
  • The Health and Social Care Volunteering Fund (HSCVF)

Since the programme was established, there have been a number of changes, both in terms of the commissioning landscape and also in the sector and how it works with statutory agencies.

Through the VCSE Investment Review, we worked with system partners, other funding agencies, and representatives from the VCSE sector to ensure that the way in which funding is distributed to the sector and the influence that we, as system partners, have over the health and care system, achieves maximum impact.

The final report of the review recommended that the three current strands of the VSIP (central grant funds [IESD and HSCVF] and Strategic Partner Programme) are unified into one health and wellbeing programme, with project funding and partnership elements. With this in mind, we have reshaped the programme with the support of an oversight group comprising representatives from the three system partners and VCSE organisations.


The new VCSE Health and Wellbeing Programme

This new VCSE Health and Wellbeing Programme to be called the VCSE Health and Wellbeing Alliance (the Alliance) will continue to be the place where the DH, NHS England and Public Health England work together with VCSE organisations within a national partnership arrangement.

The new programme will build on the successes of the previous Strategic Partner Programme but be more closely aligned to the national priorities of the system partners with a particular focus on promoting equality and reducing health inequalities.