Updated Who's Who in Health & Social Care in the East Midlands is now ready to download

Along with the other regional organisations that make up Regional Voices; Wellbeing East Midlands produces regional a "Who's Who" guides to support voluntary and community sector organisations make contact with people within the health and care structures in each region including clinical commissioning groups, health and wellbeing boards, local Healthwatch organisations, commissioning support units and CQC in each local authority.

You can also access the directory at Who’s who in East Midlands health and social care

Please note- these are evolving structures which are changing all the time- we will update the guides periodically, but if you spot any major omissions please contact wellbeing@selfhelp.org.uk 

The Who's Who guides for the other Regional Voices regions can be accessed on the Regional Voices Who's Who page

!!! Acronym warning !!! The Who's Who Guides may contain acronyms that are unfamiliar to some.  All relevant new structures and names are explained in our briefings.  So if you'd like to know your CCGs from your CQC- please read our briefings which explain all