Health as a Social Movement - Regional Seminars

The RSA will be holding regional seminars bringing together Vanguards, policy experts and practitioners from across health and social care and the third sector to explore how we can empower people and communities to take action for health and wellbeing at scale.

There will be authentic, interactive and practical conversation around the subject. The seminar in the Midlands will be attended by representatives from the Erewash vanguard.

Interactive sessions will include:

  • Understand the health landscape, introducing Nesta’s report ‘The Power of People in Movements
  • Learn from key vanguard sites across England and from case studies over the UK and internationally
  • Develop practical strategies to bring forward this agenda, as articulated in the Five Year Forward View

The key questions we will be considering with participants will be:

  • Influencing – How can you influence others to achieve your aims and utilise current movements in health in your area?
  • Spread – How can you learn from how behaviour and practices get spread and adopted through learning from successful health movements?
  • Norms – How can you focus on changing unhealthy norms in order to improve health in their area?

It is of particular relevance to all NHS Trusts and New Care Model vanguard sites, but is open and relevant to other health and care providers, including voluntary organisations. 

Events will be held in:

Manchester on 22 February,

Newcastle on 28 February,

Midlands and Birmingham on 7 March and

South and London on 9 March.

To secure your ticket and for more information please contact Sam Grinsted: 

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