One East Midlands, Social Inclusion and D2N2 LEP

One East Midlands has for some time done important work on Social Inclusion – particularly in the context of European Funding. From 2009 One EM worked closely with the East Midlands lead agency, CEFET, on the topic [CEFET archive, which makes very interesting reading in this context, is available through the Tools & Resources section of this website]. This collaboration had notable effect in the “2010: European Year Against Poverty and Social Exclusion” Project “All In One” [also in the CEFET archive]. In 2013 CEFET dissolved into One EM to work on the issues and continue developing “the four principles of Social Inclusion” established by CEFET over 15 years work. For reference these are:

  • Although the final aim is work, the path out of exclusion is often long and complex and, in a majority of cases, does not start with explicitly employment-related intervention
  • Anti-Exclusion work is particular and specialised, requiring expertise and experience
  • Inclusion work has to involve the excluded themselves at the local level of design and delivery. They are the experts in the barriers of exclusion, and in the activities that will counter them
  • Partnership arrangements allowing all actors to be mobilised at the appropriate level is the key to a successful Active Inclusion Programme

One East Midlands also has a history of involvement with European Funding, not least the 2010 All in One project and the 2012-2015 Reach and Impact ERDF project.

It was therefore completely natural for One EM to try to develop work on the new (2014-2020, nominally) European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) as they were rolled out with a 20% commitment to Social Inclusion Work. This lead to developing collaboration and partnership with the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) in the region as they have been assigned a leading role in applying ESIF funds in their localities.

To be fair, the depth of collaboration with LEPs has been uneven. However, great success has been achieved with the D2N2 (Derby & Derbyshire, Nottingham & Nottinghamshire) LEP. This has consisted in partnership work in drafting a Social Inclusion Framework* (refresh taking place in 2018); setting up a D2N2 Social Inclusion & Equalities Advisory Group* (SIEAG); developing a Scoping Report for a Community Programme* (in an attempt to apply the above principles to ESIF Social Inclusion work in the area).

In 2016 One EM’s board reaffirmed One EM’s commitment to seeing that this work continues.

See links below to the documents mentioned above*.

For more information on the D2N2 LEP Active Engagement project and the Social Inclusion & Equalities Advisory Group, please follow this link.

To view the CEFET archives, please follow this link , and for more information on the All in One project, please follow this link.

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