Care Quality Commission Consultation - Code of practice on confidential personal information

 What is this consultation asking people to comment on?

We are asking for people's views on whether our updated Code of practice provides a consistent and lawful approach to obtaining, using, disclosing and handling confidential personal information across all areas of CQC's work. We are asking whether the Code of practice is clear and easy to follow, and fully explains why and how we may need to use people's confidential personal information, and whether it reassures people that by following this Code, their information will be handled safely and appropriately at all times.

About our Code of practice on confidential personal information

The Code establishes the practices that CQC follows to obtain, handle, use and disclose confidential personal information. Access to confidential personal information plays an essential role in CQC's inspections and the wider regulation of health and social care services in England.

People need to feel safe when telling us about their care and they must have assurance that the information will be handled safely. Our code of practice seeks to offer that assurance and to explain why we sometimes need to use our statutory powers to look at confidential personal information when we are inspecting care providers, to make sure people are protected from unsafe care.

How to give your views

The full proposed Code of practice and background is described in more detail in our consultation document. You can tell us what you think using our online form. You can also send us your comments by email or post.

This consultation closes at midday on 19 February 2016.

Feedback provided to this consultation will be reviewed and we will publish a consultation response. This response will not identify individual respondents.

You can provide your views anonymously, if you wish, but providing your personal information will allow us to contact you if we need any clarification or further information from you, and to contact you to let you know when the consultation response is published. Your information won't be used for any other purpose or shared with anyone else.

Consultation document

CQC's Code of practice on confidential personal information 

CQC’s Code of practice on confidential personal information - Easy Read