One East Midlands annual conference: Legacy and Learning Post Event Page

On Thursday 26th November 2015, One East Midlands welcomed members, partners and stakeholders to our final policy conference for the VCS across the East Midlands.

The policy landscape affecting the VCS is continuing to shift rapidly in both complexity and geographical impact.  Policy reform and austerity measures continue to shape the national agenda in contrast to increasingly localised implementation mechanisms and models of devolved budgets and responsibilities.

In December 2015 One East Midlands will close its doors as the provider of regional VCS policy support.  Our role of enabling the VCS to understand, influence and adapt to changing policy contexts has been in operation for 15 years.  During that time One EM has developed learning, resources and methods of working that have helped to create and maximise opportunities for the VCS.

Before closing we took one final look at where the sector currently sits and the big challenges facing us all.  The sell-out conference provided an insight into the new devolution agenda, feedback on our recent impact survey on the role of One East Midlands, and workshops which included using sources of open public data, the role of the VCS in European Funding, youth policy and the NHS Five Year Forward View.

Key Note Address:
Devolution, Our Devolution
Warren Escadale – CEO, Voluntary Sector North West
Understanding the impact of devolution on communities and the VCS – learning from ‘Devo Manc’

One EM Learning and Legacy report and feedback:
Shaping the future of VCS support
Becky Nixon and Andy Robinson – Ideas to Impact


Better Data – Influencing commissioners and funders by understanding the power of health data
Focus:  The role of data in creating the business case for VCSE delivery, sources of open public data of benefit to VCOs and learning from the successful application of data.
This workshops provides a summary and signposts to the resources developed as part of our nationally recognised approach.  Ideal for organisations who have not yet engaged with the Better Data project

Richard Hazledine – ConnectMore Solutions; Sarah Hassell, Public Health England (East Midlands)

Reach & Impact - Creating the case for the VCS role in EU funds
Focus: A detailed analysis of learning from the R&I project including the role of the VCS in EU project delivery, opportunities for partnership, the business case for VCS engagement and a series of tools and resources to help secure a forward role for the sector.

Chris Hill – Reach & Impact Project Manager

Back to the Future – National and local support for Youth Services in the East Midlands
Focus:  A workshop to update and explore the current policy positions and priorities of national youth support agencies (NCVYS, UK Youth, Ambition, NABGC) and future youth policy drivers from Cabinet Office.   Summary of support available and identification of gaps around issues at local level.  Outlining ways forward through the work of EMVY and others.

Prof Charles Shaw STBE, Chief Officer: Lincolnshire Youth Association (EMVY Development Lead).  Introduced by Lt Col Simon Worsley – Deputy CEO – East Midlands Cadet Forces

Understanding the NHS Five Year Forward View
Focus: The NHS Five Year Forward View drives transformation of health services and changes to health commissioning.  This workshop explores the principles of the NHS 5YFV, the changes occurring (or planned) as a result, implications for the VCS and signposts to tools and resources to help organisations engage and adapt.

Jayne Quantrill – Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Wellbeing East Midlands

Closing Address
Rachel Quinn – CEO, One East Midlands
Final perspectives on opportunities and threats for the Voluntary and Community Sector

You can download the presentations and the One East Midlands legacy and impact research summary report by following this link: