Volunteering code of practice published

Volunteering England and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) have published a code of practice for volunteers, which has been developed by a working group to address the problem of unnecessary red tape raised in Lord Hodgson's report Unshackling Good Neighbours.

The code informs people that volunteering is not a generally risky activity and provides seven points to give volunteers guidance on staying safe and when to ask for advice:

  • Take care in whatever you do
  • Think about your safety and the safety of others around you
  • Involve other people
  • Ask for help and information
  • Be clear about what you are and aren't responsible for
  • Check your existing insurance policies to see what you are covered for
  • If you are volunteering for an organisation you are probably covered by their insurance

Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) certificates are set to become transferable after the Protection of Freedoms Bill 2012 gained royal assent in May 2012.

This means that people will be able to volunteer using the same certificate as they do for employment reducing the number of repeat checks.