Survey launched: voluntary sector involvement in local public health commissioning

Survey launched: voluntary sector involvement in local public health commissioning

Are you an employee or a volunteer involved in management/governance within the VCSE sector? If so, a research team led by Durham University, in collaboration with VONNE (the Voluntary Organisations' Network North East) and the Universities of York and Coventry is seeking your views, through an online survey, of changes in health and wellbeing services since public health responsibilities were transferred to local government in April 2013, and how VCSE organisations are being involved.

The research team are interested in a broad range of services designed to improve health and address inequalities, including community development and wellbeing; lifestyle management services; health checks; preventive initiatives as part of services for particular client groups; and involvement in health-related initiatives across local authority directorates (such as environment, leisure, planning).

The team hope that this research will of benefit to VCSE organisations through providing a national picture of the sector’s involvement in commissioning and identifying examples of innovative practice that can be shared.  A report of the survey will be made available on the project website.

They would very much value your views over these issues before the survey closes on Friday 3rd July. All responses are anonymised and neither participants nor their organisations will be identified. 

It will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete the survey. Click here for more information and to take part.

If you have any questions or if you experience technical difficulties accessing or submitting the survey please contact Catherine Taylor (research associate).

Many thanks in advance for your interest in this project.