Charities Evaluation Services release report about Safe Network

CES has been independently evaluating the work Safe Network does in supporting the voluntary and community sector on safeguarding and child protection issues since 2011 and have now written their final report covering the 2013 – 15.

There are two versions of the report:

1.    The full report with case studies and interviews

2.    The executive summary

The final report pulls together a range of information and evidence gathered over the past two years from two online surveys, evaluation forms from regional network meetings and other local events, interviews with users as well as interviews with Ambassadors, National delivery partners and key staff from NSPCC and Children England. 

A number of success factors which enabled the programme to achieve high satisfaction rates and outcomes were identified within the report. These include:

·         the high quality of Safe Network materials

·         its provision of a safe environment for VCOs to understand, explore and discuss safeguarding issues

·         the multi-faceted nature of the programme, which offered information and support in a range of ways, through a number of different routes

·         staff skills and partner resources, which enabled Safe Network to support organisations effectively

·         links made with key local and sub-sector influencers.

CES have also provided a number of recommendations for the service in both the short term and to be considered in the longer term.