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The Social Value Act: Shaping Health Commissioning 

The Social Value Act is a significant piece of legislation which requires commissioners to think about how they can secure wider social, economic and environmental benefits when procuring services.

But what is meant by ‘social value’ and what are the implications for the voluntary community and social enterprise sectors (VCSE) when the legislation is often poorly understood or not applied and therefore the benefits of better planning fail to be realised during the commissioning of services?

On 30th March One East Midlands held a half day event in Nottingham which looked at:

•        Understanding Social Value:

o       Social value v the Social Value Act

o       Policy context

o       Relevance to the VCSE

•        Applying the SVA – best practice examples

•        Measuring and demonstrating social value

•        SVA and public procurement

The session provided an opportunity for VCSE and  health and social care commissioners to take a look at the Social Value Act specifically focusing on how it can be applied within a context of health and wellbeing service commissioning.

The presentation and resources from the day can be downloaded here:

Rachel Quinn Chief Executive One East Midlands - Social Value Act Presentation


Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012: 

Cabinet Office guidance and resources:

CBI Guidance for commissioners:

Anthony Collins Solicitors

Case study examples:

Social Value in Salford:

Greater Manchester Combined Authority: