Young carers

The Carer’s Trust has published a poll on the wellbeing of young people caring for parents or siblings. The research was conducted with over 350 unpaid young carers around the country and compared with a poll of non-carers aged eight to 15.

Key points include that:

  • Young carers were twice as worried as non carers about money, and much more worried about bullying, exams, the future and, of course, their families;
  • 48 percent said that being a young carer made them feel stressed;
  • 44 percent said that it made them feel tired;
  • 51 percent reported that they were proud of being young carers;
  • 42 percent said that it made them happy; and
  • A quarter of young carers said that they didn’t have enough people to talk to and 28 percent said they would like to talk to other young carers online.

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