LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace

Charities in the UK will be able to advertise volunteer opportunities to 250,000 LinkedIn members who have declared an interest in volunteering or trusteeship, using a service launched by the business network.

The LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace will allow charities to post skilled volunteering and trustee roles on LinkedIn. LinkedIn users will receive emails advertising those volunteer opportunities and will also be able to search a database of volunteering opportunities. Charities themselves will be able to search users interested in volunteering and contact them to ask them to become involved.

All charities will be able to post roles to LinkedIn. Roles can be posted either directly for a small fee, typically £10 to £20, or can be posted for free through volunteering websites Do-it and Reach, which are partnering with LinkedIn to provide volunteer roles.

The service has been running for a year in the US, and typically around 30,000 volunteering opportunities are listed at any one time.