Cyber Essentials Certification

Give01Day has joined forces with the Government’s Cyber Streetwise campaign and the IASME Consortium to bring the new Cyber Essentials certification to all UK charities and help them operate safely online.

The collaboration has two primary objectives, to educate, inform and spread the word on Cyber Essentials and best practice on data security; and to help charities meet the standards for the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials certification.

When any UK based charity, which has an annual turnover of less than £20million a year, is certified to Cyber Essentials by IASME they automatically receive free Cyber Liability insurance. This insurance will cover them for up to £25k in the event of a cyber breach.

Give01Day and IASME will begin by hosting a series of free educational webinars for charities from February onwards. These web based sessions will educate and inform the audience on how to ensure they are compliant with and eligible for the Cyber Essentials certification.

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