Tool for third parties to submit charity accounts

The Charity Commission has launched a new digital tool to allow a third party, such as a charity’s accountant, to submit its accounts on the charity’s behalf.

Previously only the charity itself was able to submit its accounts. The new service has the option for an accountant or other nominated agent to submit its accounts.

To use the service, a charity must first tell the Commission that the adviser is authorised to act on the charity’s behalf. To do this it should log on to the Commission's website to change its details and enter the email address of the third party in the ‘trusted third party’ field.

All charitable incorporated organisations, regardless of income, and all other charities with an income over £25,000 must submit their accounts and a trustees’ annual report to the commission. Charity trustees are responsible for ensuring that the accounts are prepared and submitted.

For further information on the third party portal visit