Partnership Working Toolkit

As part of Compact Week 2014, Compact Voice announced the launch of their new practical guide, the Partnership Working Toolkit.

The Toolkit contains an array of practical, straightforward information covering everything users will need to know about local cross-sector partnerships and how to make them thrive. The Toolkit covers:

  • How to create, revise and renew a local Compact;
  • Action planning, monitoring and evaluating;
  • Understanding and engaging with commissioning;
  • Working with new commissioning bodies; and
  • Decommissioning well and positive dispute resolution.

There is also information about how Compact Voice can help to support partnership working.

The Toolkit is accompanied by a number of editable tools, tables and plans, which can be downloaded free of charge from

Free hard copies of the Partnership Working Toolkit are available by emailing

The Toolkit is a revised and revamped version of Local Compacts: A User Guide.