Young People and employment

New analysis by the Local Government Association has revealed that around 90,000 of the nation's young people have been jobless for two years or more, up from 21,000 in 2005.

The Local Government Association has published a briefing at which states that positive employment figures hide the plight of vulnerable young people who are hampered by the current failing national system designed to help them, including at least 10 Westminster 'silos' funding 40 schemes and spanning 14 age ranges.

Many more young people are hidden in underemployment, working part-time hours or over-qualified for their current job, with 40 percent of young people underemployed by a total of two billion hours of work a year. Despite welcome falls in unemployment, the Local Government Association is warning that a third of young people, around 2.1 million, will be unemployed or underemployed by 2018 unless something changes.