The Road Ahead 2014

Charities are likely to continue to face an environment of reduced public funding and rising poverty among beneficiaries well into the next Parliament, according to an NCVO report, entitled The Road Ahead 2014.

However the report also states that there is considerable optimism in the sector among leaders who believe that there are many potential opportunities for the sector.

The report looks at the political, economic, social and technological drivers which could affect charities over the coming years. It states that charities are looking at changing their business models in the face of funding changes.

The report highlights a long-term shift from a funding economy of grants and donations, to a financing economy of purchasing, contracts and social investment and states that in the next few years could see a movement away from fundraising as a source of income.

The report also looks at concerns that the sector’s independence is under attack, as well as questioning the role of the sector in campaigning as individuals find it easier to come together in informal online movements.

However it states that while the sector faces difficulties there are also many leaders in the sector who are responding optimistically to the future.

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