HMRC online charity registration service name survey

HM Revenue & Customs has launched a survey to help decide what name to give its new online registration service for organisations qualifying as charities for tax purposes.

The survey asks respondents to rank, in order of preference, five possible names:

  • Apply to register your charity with HMRC;
  • Apply to HMRC for recognition as a charity for tax purposes;
  • HMRC charities registration;
  • Apply for recognition as a charity for tax purposes; and
  • Register for tax relief and repayment claims.

It also gives respondents the opportunity to suggest other names, and asks for help with a name for the update service that allows users to go online to change the details of their charities. Again, respondents who do not like HMRC’s suggestions, listed below, can provide alternatives.

  • Update your charity’s information;
  • Update your HMRC registered charity;
  • Change your charity’s details;
  • Change your HMRC recognised charity’s details; and
  • HMRC Charities change of details.

To take part in the survey visit