LLEP collaboration project – NGi Ltd

Project information

The project has five stages:

  • Stage 1 – Recruit disadvantaged young people (NEET)
  • Stage 2 – Employability skills training with a focus on the ‘green/low-carbon’ industrial sector
  • Stage 3 – Place with a business operating in the low carbon sector. Roles will be around the installation and maintenance of green technology.
  • Stage 4 – Technical training.
  • Stage 5 – Exit strategy for young people.

The ‘green/low carbon’ sector covers many industrial sectors including construction, engineering and digital media.

NGi have the partners and capability to deliver stages three to five but want partners who can do stages one and two.

About NGi

NGi offer a business support service to assist business organisations with business growth and development through imaginative.

They are passionate about ensuring young people have the skills they need to equip them for a lifetime of innovation and believe that the emerging low carbon sector can help develop these.

For further information visit www.ng-i.co.uk.

Contact details

Contact Graham Wood on 07885 688490 or by email at graham.wood@ng-i.co.uk.