D2N2 LEP collaboration project - Now Unlimited

Now Un Limited

Now Un Limited is a social enterprise. Its charitable aims are to provide mindfulness-based services to individuals, organisations and communities experiencing disadvantage, and to undertake research into the application of mindfulness. Their current work includes the delivery of open access and bespoke training, consultancy and mentoring services in the education, youth, public adminstration, unemployment, health and social care, and business sectors.

Project idea

To explore how mindfulness-based approaches can add value to intiatives that aim to address the needs of:

  • Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) - helping them to use mindfulness to build resilience and to improve performance
  • The unemployed - helping them reduce the negative impact of unemployment on mental health.

To explore how mindfulness-based approaches can be used to help develop and maintain inclusive communities.

To explore how mindfulness-based approaches can help to improve focus and concentration within lifelong learning.

Looking to collaborate with

  • SMEs and organisations supporting SME development
  • Organisations working with the unemployed
  • Community organisations
  • Training providers
  • Youth organisations.

Contact details

Maureen O'Callaghan

Telephone: 07939 845920

Email: maureen@nowunlimited.co.uk