Impact on young people of changes to Family Migration Rules

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC) is undertaking a new study to explore the impact on children and young people of the changes to the Family Migration Rules which came into force on 9 July 2012. The study will be in three parts:

  • Phase one will consist of a questionnaire (below) which seeks to explore the views and experiences of families who have been affected
  • Phase two will analyse both policy and practice, and how they may both impact on children’s rights. It will also look at how the Rules impact the economy
  • Phase three will consist of a qualitative study with children and families to explore the impact the Rules are having on them

When the study is completed the OCC will publish a report with recommendations to which, by law, the Government must respond. The information that the OCC collects from families affected by the rules via the questionnaire will form part of the final report.  It will also inform the recommendations that the OCC will make to the Government within the report.

All families within which children and young people have been affected by the new family migration rules are strongly encouraged to respond by completing the questionnaire in order to help the OCC inquiry.

The questionnaire, and details of how to submit evidence, can be downloaded at

All completed questionnaires should be returned to the OCC by 9am on Monday 1 September.